She Did It

None of our clients has been more passionate about preserving her story than Lin Joyce. She set out to accomplish two purposes, and she succeeded: to show the challenge and richness of family life lived literally around the world, and to honor the grandmother who raised her and with whom she shared a correspondence of more than 500 letters.

            At the conclusion of Lin’s 18-month process, she discovered that her initial print order of 45 hardcover, dust-jacketed copies for close family and friends wasn’t enough. So she ordered a printing of a soft-cover edition, and has offered it for sale to family and friends. Here, in Lin’s words, are her thoughts on the process of creating Raising My Family Around the World: The Adventures of a CIA Wife and Mom in Stories, Snapshots & Letters. -MBL

Well, I did it! 

            It took me nearly two years, but I’m proud to say with some valuable help that I have written my life story. 

            Once I began the process (and it really is a process I was to learn!) the task took on a life of its own. My memories came flooding back and I wrote them down. Afterwards I went on an extensive hunt to find photographs and memorabilia that illustrated my stories.

            Mary Beth Lagerborg guided me through the process of turning my stories into a lovely book from the Table of Contents to the Index.

Lin is ready to distribute her softcover printing.

            As I thought back to my childhood days, growing into adulthood, finding my soul mate, becoming a mother and many years of extensive overseas travel, I experienced a new appreciation for my life’s accumulated experiences that have made me the woman I am today. For me it almost became a therapeutic endeavor.

            Yes, there were a few times when the task of writing felt like it would never end and I wanted it to. But as the proverbial question goes: “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer: “One bite at a time.” The job is now finished and I feel very satisfied with the results.

            “They” say that none of us are more than three generations away from being forgotten by those who knew us personally–the things that we were passionate about, what held our attention and interest, and what really made us tick. My story will leave my readers with that understanding. They will know me through my words, stories and reflections. I hope, too that my words will provide some interesting reading and to see the world through my eyes.

            Now I can relish in the thought that I will not be forgotten. My family and my descendants will have my stories preserved between the covers of my book.

My personal To Do List now looks like this:

Learn a musical instrument.             ______/_______

Visit Maine during the fall.                ______/_______

Take an oil painting class.                ______/_______

Write down my Life Story.              Done / 2015

Lin M. Joyce

May 2015

If you would like a copy of Lin's book, Raising My Family Around the World, you can write her at for details.