Template-Based Books: Legacy & Heirloom


A Legacy Story 

These template-based books are crafted to tell one poignant life story in depth with photos or documents to illustrate. 

Frieda's Journey

After losing two brothers in WWI, facing the depressed German economy and a shortage of men available for marriage, Frieda Hansen immigrated to America in 1928. 40-pages, photos printed on 7x7 hardbound cover


An Heirloom Story

Books in this template-based book series tell a story with photos supported by text. This series caters to a collection of treasured possessions, rich with their own stories. 

Tracing My Treasures

Linell Joyce shares her family’s stories as they connect to these treasures: a Steiff Teddy Bear purchased at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, a 19th century oil lamp, a Chippendale desk, a tin measuring cup and spoons, and a Bedouin brass pot. 40-pages, title printed on 7x7 hardbound cover, includes family tree



Customized Stories

The Memoir

Retelling can help you capture your story between the covers of a book or in audio format. Or both.

High Mark 11: A Young Pilot's Adventures in World War II Europe

Using transcripts of Ralph's stories, interviews, photographs, and illustrations, Retelling vividly captured Ralph Jenks’ airborne adventures. His grandkids were spellbound when they received their copies for Christmas. 106-pages, cloth-wrapped hardback, with gold embossed lettering



The Memoir:
Audio CDs

Perserve the voices and stories with an audio format.

My Story: Anton C. St. John

To celebrate Anton "Tony" St. John's 90th birthday, his wife commissioned Retelling to record Tony describing life-shaping episodes: growing up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota, being wounded in WWII in the Pacific, and meeting his wife-to-be, Betty.

Coffee Table Books

Raising My Family Around the World: The Adventures of a CIA Wife and Mom in Stories, Snapshots & Letters
by Linell M. Joyce

Linell Joyce chronicled the rich experiences of her family life on assignment with her husband in Austria, Jordan, Ivory Coast, Thailand, Cyprus, and England. Her beautiful book contains more than 200 family snapshots, as well as excerpts from a correspondence with her grandmother that helped combat loneliness and tied Linell to life in the USA.

The thoughtful design by Cindy Young for Linell’s 213-page, 8.25" x 10.75" hard cover book uses the theme of international correspondence. The cover design is printed both on the book and on a dust jacket. 

Some stories are so rich in photographs and elements of design that they lend themselves to a coffee table book, to be kept where family and friends can enjoy it at their leisure.



Stories for the Marketplace

You have a tale that you want to market to the masses.

Cowboy Troubadour: 
Poems & Stories

A collection of poems and stories preserving the unique voice of Richard McQueary, a one-time deputy district attorney and judge, but an always, to the core, cowboy. Although Richard has been telling the stories for years, it took his wife Jane and Retelling to get it in book format complete with family photos and custom illustrations. 154-pages, paperback

Read a sample here.

Business & Organization Stories

Capture the history of your community to preserve its legacy.

Retelling is experienced in pulling together the many strands of a layered history to tell the story of a business or organization. 

Clients have included a thriving fourth-generation family business, a visionary high school, and a church.